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Our core team is supported by a range of dedicated partners who, like us, are passionate about delivering a built-in-Canada response to COVID-19.

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Our initiative has been extensively reported on by traditional press and new media.

Press Coverage

The Huffington Post, 1/21/21
It's OK To Have Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines. Here Are Doctors' Answers
CBC Toronto News, 1/19/21
Dr. Krishana Sankar speaking with CBC Toronto News about #COVID19 vaccine hesitancy among PSWs.
ICI Premiere: Boulevard du Pacifique Avec Jacques Dufresne, 11/23/20
Le partage des savoirs pour lutter contre la pandémie
McGill Health e-News, 10/26/20
McGill co-founded grassroots organization receives major gift to continue COVID-19 fight
Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola, 10/14/20
Science column with Rackeb Tesfaye
CTV News Montréal, 10/11/20
Experts demand transparency
CBC In Town and Out, 09/26/20
COVID-19 test lab workers wanted
Cell Reports Medicine, 06/23/20
Voices from a Pandemic
Addgene, 05/13/20
Scientific Sharing in the Time of COVID-19: Databases and Resources
The Hill Times, 05/11/20
How the scientific community started its own COVID-19 response
Evidence for Democracy, 05/11/20
Q&A: The Science Community's Role in the COVID-19 Response
The Toronto Star, 05/06/20
Want the latest COVID-19 health advice? On Twitter, ‘we’re seeing scientific and medical research unfold in real time’
CanCOVID, 05/01/20
CanCOVID speaker series: Dr. Guillaume Bourque and Dr. Tara Moriarty
University Affairs, 04/20/20
COVID-19: updates for Canada’s universities
Affaires Universitaires, 04/20/20
COVID-19: nouvelles des universités canadiennes
Research Money, 04/15/20
New collaboration platforms bring researchers together to fight COVID-19
Calcul Québec, 04/15/20
COVID-19 : Une plateforme de ressources pour les chercheurs canadiens
Compute Ontario, 04/15/20
In conversation with Dr.Guillaume Bourque on the COVID-19 Resources Platform
Research Money, 04/01/20
The Short Report: researchers team up to share resources and materials in fight against COVID-19
McGill Newsroom, 03/31/20
McGill researchers help create COVID-19 Resources Canada
CBC, 03/27/20
Scientists are mobilizing from the ground up and the top down in our fight against COVID-19

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